Cabin Crew Basic Skills Training

MEGA Maldives Airlines is pleased to announce the opening of applications for the 6th class of Cabin Crew Basic Skills Course which will start on 3rd February 2018. Applications to the course will be accepted until 27th January 2018.

The Course
The Cabin Crew Basic Skills Induction Course is designed to cater for all those who aspire to become flight attendants and stewardesses, and for those who look to build a career path in the aviation industry. The course will be delivered through a combination of academic and practical classes to grasp the basic concepts of passenger care, customer services and also the technical aspects of what is expected from a cabin crew.

The fundamental principles within embedded in this induction course will provide you the skills, knowledge and exposure required for further training.

Key course content include;
  • Introduction to the Cabin Crew Profession, History and Progression of the Cabin Crew Profession
  • Landing The Job, How To Prepare Resumes, Basic Skills And Traits To Be Considered For A Cabin Crew, Required And Acceptable Industry Standards And Acceptable Standards For Grooming And Appearance.
  • Introduction to Aviation Industry, Airlines and Regulatory Agencies.
  • Introduction to the Aircrafts, Including the Aircrafts Used In Maldives and Aviation Familiarization.
  • Crew Coordination, Communications and Managing Passenger Interactions.
  • Customer Service and Introduction to Airline Catering and Food Services
  • Interview Preparations and Skills.

Applications are open to all interested candidates. The course schedule is designed such that candidates could join the training after office hours. Interested candidates can visit the Head Office to complete the application process or request for an application form via email. All necessary documentation required for the application are specified in the application form.
  Application form : FFT-051(b) Course Booking Form (Others).pdf

Venue :
MEGA Maldives Airlines
Ground Floor, H. Sakeena Manzil, Medhuziyarah Magu, Male'

For further information:
P: +960 3309473