A Captive Audience at 35,000 feet... and More.

Like most airlines we offer a number of outstanding co-marketing opportunities ranging from straightforward advertising to unique branding and publicity opportunities.

First, a bit about our passengers on-board: MEGA flies to one of the most desirable "once in a lifetime" destinations in the world. Many of our passengers are on a very special holiday, honeymoon, or anniversary. Those who are not may be taking a very special annual holiday with friends or relatives. All in all, they are in an open and receptive mood and looking forward to discovering new things. We find our passengers are also in the mood to spend, as our duty free sales are amongst the highest per passenger of any airline. In terms of demographics, we carry up to 40% of the Chinese market to Maldives and we will soon be opening up services to other growing and economically strong markets including Germany and Australia.

Now, here are some of the opportunities:

In-Flight Magazine; flyMEGA

  • MEGA Maldives Airlines publishes an in-flight magazine and a Duty Free Catalogue, each of which is a prime opportunity to reach upper class and upper middle class consumers during a moment when they are very receptive and relaxed.
  • To see a sample of our in-flight magazine please go to this link.

Advertising on Aircraft Fuselage

  • For our first 767-300ER, we sold a sponsorship package to the Chinese arm of ( including painting the Daodao/TripAdvisor logo and slogan on the fuselage.
  • MEGA pioneered this fuselage advertising medium in China and the Maldives. As Maldives currently only uses air stairs and no boarding bridges, the aircraft is often photographed by our passengers during boarding and arrival process. The blue skies and ocean - just next to the runway and ramp area of the airport make an outstanding backdrop for these photos. Where else do people take pictures of your advertising every day?

On-board Advertising

  • MEGA has placed on-board advertising with our travel agents and leisure businesses using our seat head-rest covers, cups, and napkins. Tray table based advertisements are also a possibility.
  • We have also placed special promotional materials in the seat back pockets. For example, for a season we placed a travel holiday brochure from one of our agents in every seat back pocket with a nearly 80% take-up rate (passengers actually pulling out and reading the brochure) on most flights.
  • We are now upgrading our on-board amenity kits for our business and premium economy sections and are looking for sponsors for these kits.

On-Board Co-Promotion

  • MEGA and Baccus Fine Wines of Hong Kong have agreed to an on-board co-promotion in which Baccus provides MEGA with a specific wine product and MEGA promotes both the wine and the wine sales via home delivery.
  • This program is an innovative approach to direct marketing with actual experience of the product to China's high end market.

Packaged Sales - Customized Solutions

  • Many travel agencies already combine flight and hotel packages, but we offer something a bit more. With certain high end hotel brands we are launching special business class services where the customer service and care is tailored from the moment the passenger buys the flight+hotel package. The packages are distributed both by the hotel and MEGA and can include special procedures or touches throughout the check-in, flight, and arrival process.
  • We are also starting to tailor special activities and packages for travel agencies that need solutions for guests with very early or vary late transfers and "unscheduled time" at the airport or in or around Male'.

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