Travel Insurance

Travelling to the Maldives is exciting because it is a beautiful, exotic, and remote location. It is a very special and rare environment with some of the best resorts in the world awaiting you. But some of the best qualities of the Maldives make it a bit more challenging in the case of an emergency or an unexpected delay or missed connection. For this reason, MEGA encourages all travellers to have travel insurance to offer security and guard against all travel and non-travel inconveniences and emergencies of any unforeseen event.

It is important to select an insurance coverage adequate to your needs. Many insurance offerings are suitable for domestic travel or flights to near-by destinations which have frequent access and all the modern facilities and conveniences we have come to expect around us in our daily lives. However many commonly offered travel insurance products have coverage that may not meet your needs in a more remote and less easy to access location, such as the Maldives. Access is the operative word: a missed flight, a critical injury, or even a lost bag may not be easily handled due to the remote location of the Maldives and limited air and sea access in some of the country's pristine locations.

The inconvenience of being stranded without a change of clothes or losing a wallet, the cost of a lost hotel night in a hotel, or the difficulties of being re-routed due to a storm are one thing when travelling between Beijing and Shanghai (or even New York), with many daily connections and big city services. It’s entirely different when the next direct flight may be 4 or even 7 days away and connecting flights operate once per day, take 20-30 hours and may be sold out for weeks in advance in high-season.

In several years of operation, we have seen several instances where an emergency on the trip or back at home, a sudden mechanical delay, or a major natural weather event has dramatically altered an otherwise happy holiday. Good travel insurance can be the difference between a disaster and a mere inconvenience quickly remedied.

In view of this, MEGA strongly encourages passengers to buy travel packages or tickets that include a travel insurance suitable for travel to the Maldives that will fully cover your needs in case of incidents, delays, or other emergencies. Many agents and even some of our tickets include complementary travel insurance designed for Maldives travel. There are also third party travel insurance options available in the market, however, not all of these have coverage that may meet all of your needs to more remote and exotic destinations. We suggest you examine your coverage carefully.

Safe and happy travels from MEGA Maldives Airlines!