Infants and Children

At MEGA Maldives Airlines we give special considerations for the entertainment and enjoyment of your child. We have some very special services targeted for children such as our Kiddie Flight Attendant Program.

Please consider the following things when you are traveling with your infant/child:

Ticketing & Seating Requirements
You may travel with one infant in your lap with an infant ticket if your child is less than two years old. You will need to purchase a child ticket for when he/she is above two years old.

We offer special discounted rates to infants traveling on your lap. Some of the special fares require you to pay just the fuel surcharge and taxes.

On-board the aircraft
Please note that we do allow child safety seats on-board but they cannot be used in the middle or aisle seat of a single aisle aircraft.

We also carry infant seat belts. Please request your flight attendant for one if you require.

In addition to this, there are designated lavatories with diaper changing facilities on board for mothers with infants.

Parents with infants may hold or place the infant in a approved child restraint during take-off and landing. Booster-type car seats are not permitted for use during taxi, take-off, and landing. Flight attendants will check with accompanying adults to ensure that children are properly secured in their safety seats and in the aircraft seat. The accompanying parent, however, has the following responsibilities when using a child restraint during take-off and landing:

  • Ensuring that the child restraint seat functions properly and is free of obvious defects
  • Securing the infant according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Ensuring the infant does not exceed the restraint's weight limit