Lost items or baggage

Many of us have lost personal items before on planes, buses, or taxis. We know it is very frustrating and we will do our best to help you recover your item however we can. We once even recovered a passenger’s i-Phone that had accidentally gone down the aircraft toilet!

In case you lost your checked or carry-on baggage when arriving at your destination, inform our staff or make a report at the lost baggage office in the arrivals hall. To facilitate the search, please have your Baggage Identification Tag information available for checked baggage or a detailed description of any personal item.

Once we know about your lost items we will initiate tracking and search efforts and keep you informed of the status of our search. Sometimes bags end up remaining on planes and fly onward to other cities. In such cases it may take some time to recover the bag and return it to you. For lost personal items in the cabin, we regret we cannot take responsibility for items accidentally left behind. At the same time, if we know about a loss quickly enough we can often help you recover it.

Baggage Delivery
We will notify you as soon as your baggage is located and will deliver it to the address you specified. Alternatively, you may be asked collect your baggage at the airport as may be required by local Customs regulations.