Our Fleet

MEGA Maldives Airlines currently operates a fleet of five (5) aircraft: four (4) wide body Boeing 767-300ER aircraft and one (1) Boeing 757-200ERW.

Two of our 767s are configured with 300 seats (12 Business and 288 Economy Class) and the remaining two are with 250 seats (12 Business, 42 Premium, and 196 Economy Class) . Our 757 is configured with 205 premium and standard economy seats, all designed for medium to long-haul routes.

The 767 is a mid-size wide-body twin-engine airliner produced by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. With both 300 and 250 seat configurations and 4-10 tons of cargo capacity, our 767-300ERs are well suited for medium to long-haul routes.

Equipped with Rolls-Royce engines, our 757 has plenty of power and can operate over 8 hours or nearly 6,000km, with 205 seats and 2-5 tons of cargo capacity. The engines along with its sleek look and sexy winglets gives it the nickname "the sports car of jet-liners."

The 767 Family
Having a range of over 9,000 kilometres the Boeing 767 has flown over 16.2 million flights and millions of passengers carried. It is one of the most reliable aircraft with worldwide Schedule Reliability (departure from the gate within 15 minutes of scheduled time) of over 98 percent. With the highest percentage of window seats and aisle seats of any jet-liner (over 85% of all seats are window or aisle), it is very popular among passengers.

The 767 is very environmentally friendly. As an airline based in the Maldives, one of the most environmentally pristine and fragile places on earth, we chose the 767 not just because of its good economics and passenger conveniences, but also as the best aircraft in its class for the environment.

According to Boeing: "767s burn significantly less fuel and produce lower emissions per pound of fuel used than any comparably sized jet-liner, including the A330-200. The 767 family beats industry standards in all categories of emissions -- nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, smoke and carbon monoxide."

The 757 Family
The Boeing 757 is the largest narrow-body twin-engine jet airliner produced and all together has carried more than 1.3 billion passengers. We chose the 757 partly because of its longer range (it can fly about 2 hours further than the B737 or A320 aircraft, which typically can only fly 5-6 hours). Since many Chinese cities are just around 6-7 hours flying from Maldives, this gives the 757 a great advantage over other aircraft and allows us to operate to many cities where a wide-body aircraft would be too big for the market demand.

Boeing produced and sold over 1,000 of each of the 767 and 757 aircraft types, making them two of only seven aircraft types to achieve this record.