The people of the Maldives pride themselves on their hospitality and service, and as the international airline of the Maldives, so do we. That is why every delicious and satisfying meal served on MEGA Maldives Airlines is planned and prepared with the same care and the same high-quality ingredients.

Dining Service Overview
Our in-flight service is designed around the schedules of our flights and the time of day. We provide a service plus sales approach to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We also serve ice-cream in all cabin classes on flights to Male'. On long haul flights we provide a basic full service in our economy section with a few additional services touches in premium economy. In both sections, additional snack and beverage items are available for sale on selected flights. In addition, our premium economy is typically separated from the regular economy section, with its own galley service area, providing a greater degree of privacy and exclusivity than available in most other premium economy areas on other airlines.

DiningIn business class we provide a business class service including welcome drinks, and hot towels. All meals are served on china tableware, on tray tables laid with linen, and other special service touches. With only 12 seats to one dedicated flight attendant (two during meal times) our business class provides a high level of individual service.

On all long haul flights all passengers enjoy a complete range of complementary drinks in-flight, including choice juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee, and water with meal services. On selected routes we may provide complementary beer and wine services in all classes. Beer and wine are always complementary in business class, along with a selection of cocktails and other alcohol (when carried). Alcoholic beverages may be available for sale at a reasonable cost in economy classes along with other beverages in-between meal services. We typically pass through the cabin with water service periodically as well.

The MEGA Maldives Airlines Dining Experience

For flights of 1-5 hours: For short flights we may provide a complementary snack and beverages or we may only provide a menu of snacks and light meals for sale. Please inquire further as services may vary route by route.

For flights around 6-7 hours: For daytime through evening flights we provide a hot meal plus snack generally shortly before landing. On overnight flights, the snack is typically adjusted to be a light breakfast if appropriate to the arrival time of the flight.

For flights of 8-9 hours: For daytime through evening flights we generally provide two hot meals in all classes along with special treats served later in the flight after the second meal on selected flights. On overnight flights, depending on the time of departure and arrival the second meal may be a snack prior to arrival so as to allow most passengers maximum sleeping time.

On longer flights: We may add heavier meals or snacks between meals on longer flights of 10-12 hours depending on the time of day and service preferences on that particular route.

For passengers with special meal requirement needs, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance of your flight, or ensure that you have told your travel agent of your special needs. It is good to ensure you receive a confirmed response to your request. We are able to handle most regular special meal requests, such as vegetarian, halal, and infant meals. Very special dietary requirements should be confirmed in advance.