Making a Positive Impact

For all of us, whether Maldivian or from overseas, we are investing in our future here in the Maldives.

Developing Local Talent
Since the start of our company in February 2010 MEGA Maldives Airlines has been part of the national agenda of creating more high quality, professional jobs in the Maldives. With approximately 200 staff, we are one of the fastest growing companies in the country. We are proud that we have been able to hire and train a number of local pilots who have upgraded to the Boeing 767 aircraft and we expect to increase this number in the years to follow (to become an entry level pilot on a 767 first requires years of prior experience in smaller aircraft, plus specialized type training).

Promoting International Business Ties
Our services have contributed to new economic growth opportunities beyond passenger and tourism growth. Our non-stop capital-to-capital scheduled route from Beijing to the Maldives and our popular route to the trade capital of Hong Kong has invigorated bilateral trade for both Maldivian and Chinese entrepreneurs alike seeking new business opportunities and will contribute to the already close diplomatic relationship between the two countries. Furthermore, during the Maldives political crisis in early February 2012, we were the only airline to maintain our schedule without interruption when all other airlines from China stopped operations. We sponsored our third special trade delegation to China in June 2012, opening new opportunities for trade directly with China.

Social Responsibility
MEGA Maldives Airlines is heavily focused on improving and contributing to the communities we serve. We have held service events in the capital Male’, where our employees have generously donated their time towards cleaning up our public spaces and beaches. Our upcoming projects include working with local NGOs to introduce waste bins around the city of Male' to help keep our streets clean.

We are looking to support further causes in the Maldives and in the destinations we serve. If you would like MEGA to consider a cause you support, please contact us