Weather and Climate

The weather in the Maldives is usually picture perfect: sunlit days, breezy nights, serene mornings, and iridescent sunsets. With the average temperature at about 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year, the sun is a constant on most days, shining through treetops, creating lacy patterns on your feet, healing cold-bones with its warmth. The temperature hardly ever changes - which makes packing for your holiday an easy task. Throughout the day, the sun will make itself known, ensuring that it will be remembered and missed, like an old friend, as you pack up your suitcases to leave.

Maldives has two distinct seasons:

  • North-east Monsoon extending from January to March, during which the weather is predominantly dry and sunny
  • South-west Monsoon from mid-May to November, which is wetter with occasional showers and brief sometimes dramatic thunderstorms.

In contrast to monsoons in other countries, the occasional passing shower or thunderstorm in the Maldives can be a welcome respite from the tropical sun. The warm temperatures will allow you to go for a walk in the rain, a verdant, wet, and thoroughly enjoyable experience. For extra exhilaration, take a swim in the rain - the sea often will be warmer at these times.

The Department of Meteorology of the Maldives has up to date information on current weather and the seasons in the Maldives.