December 27-31st KUL and JED Flight Disruption Update #7

Affecting LV flights 200, 201, 300, and 301

30 December 2016
14:30 UTC time, 17:30 Saudi Time, 22:30 Malaysia time
Via MG Charter Limited

Despite constant, around the clock efforts, MEGA was unable to confirm a charter flight and associated landing permits between Saudi Arabia and Kuala Lumpur for this weekend: December 31st and January 1st and 2nd. Only a few carriers have the traffic rights that would allow an additional charter flight operation to proceed between these locations and MEGA was engaging with all of them. With regulatory offices closing for the long New Years Holiday weekend, it is possible that no charter flights will be allowed until government offices re-open on January 3rd. However, we have made appeals to higher levels of government to assist in this matter if possible to do so.

We have also been constantly searching for seats on existing commercial flights between Saudi Arabia and Malaysia or other nearby points in the region. Where possible we have started moving small groups of ticketed passengers onto these flights where seats are available. Most commercial flights are fully booked during this period, however. Priority for seat allocation has been determined based on the date of intended travel, the final destination of the travelers, and the routing of the aircraft.

Please note that LV 200, LV 300, LV 201, and LV301 are cancelled through January 4th, 2017. Replacement flights or available seats will be announced or allocated as they become available.

MEGA will continue its efforts through the coming days to find alternative transportation for our ticketed passengers.

December 27th and 29th Flight Disruption Update #6

Date: 30 December 2016
06:30 UTC Time
Via MG Charter Limited

MEGA is awaiting confirmation of agreement of another operator to perform charter flights to carry passengers from JED to KUL and subsequently from KUL to JED. MEGA understands that reasonable notice needs to be given before the flight for passengers to go to the airport.

If passengers make other arrangements for their travel, we request they let us and their travel agency know so that we can allocate seat capacity we are trying to arrange accordingly.


December 27th Flight Disruption Update #5

Date: 29 December 2016
11:00 UTC; 19:00 Malaysia Time
Via MG Charter Limited

In reference to our prior communication:

We apologize for our lack of updates today. We regret to inform you that as this is still the holiday season, we have not been able to ship the replacement engine to our aircraft. We have also been unable to wet-lease an aircraft from another airline to operate for us, primarily because of regulatory reasons. We have simultaneously looked for seats on another airlines existing flights, but few seats are available as flights out of Jeddah and Kuala Lumpur remain very full.

Consequently, we have been working to charter flights to replace our operation. This has required more time than we expected. We would like to again apologies for this delay.

For travel from KUL to JED: our flights LV301 and LV 201 today are cancelled. Earlier today we notified travel agencies of availability of a large number of seats on flyNAS charter flight from KUL to JED tonight. At this time MEGA has not ticketed most seats for our December 29th KUL departure, so responsibility remains with travel agencies for any arrangements for passengers who intended to travel this day (other than those few passengers who were already ticketed).

For travel from JED to KUL: MEGA’s flights LV200 and LV300 today are cancelled. We arranging charter flights to carry our ticketed passengers. For those passengers who were also no-show on prior flights, we will advise availability as well. A further update on this will be provided shortly.

Passengers who made their own flight arrangements as result of delay more than 36 hours or cancellation will be offered a full refund on the unused portion of their ticket at a minimum. Application for refund or compensation should be handled through your travel agency. We are attempting to track each group of ticketed, especially returning, passengers as best we can with support of your travel agency. If you have become displaced, please contact us at

Next update will be at or before 15:00 UTC time, which is 23:00 Malaysia time and 18:00 Saudi time.

Updates also will be posted at and to relevant travel agencies.


December 27th Flight Disruption Update #4

Date: 28 December 2016
02:00 UTC; 13:00 Malaysia Time
Via MG Charter Limited

Dear Valued Passenger and Partners,

In reference to our prior updates #1, #2, and #3:

Regulatory work continues to provide an alternative aircraft. We also investigated but were unable to find available seats on other airlines for travel yesterday. Passengers may be required to remain where they are until Thursday, December 29th.

Next update will be at 09:00 UTC time, which is 17:00 Malaysia time.

Updates also will be posted at and to relevant travel agencies.


Passengers on Kuala Lumpur and Jeddah Flights, December 27 and 28th

December 27th
14:00 UTC, 17:00 Jeddah, 22:00 Malaysia

Our aircraft to be used on the Kuala Lumpur / Maldives / Jeddah route has suffered engine damage and, as a result, we are looking to provide a replacement aircraft or finding other arrangements for your travel. Given the large number of passengers to be accommodated, the best solution is a replacement aircraft. To put a replacement aircraft on this route requires certain regulatory approvals, which could not be completed today.

Thus LV 301 and LV 201 (KUL-MLE-JED) on December 27th are cancelled and passengers who were to be ticketed for these flights will be offered seats on subsequent flights.

LV 200 and LV 300 (JED-MLE-KUL) originally scheduled for December 28th early morning are postponed for one day. If regulatory work continues longer, we will seek other arrangements for passenger travel. We are in close contact with the various travel agencies with passengers on these flights.

In accordance with Saudi Government policy, passengers expecting to take the Jeddah departure are asked to remain in Mecca or in their accommodations until final travel arrangements are confirmed. Your travel agency has been advised of the same and should be making necessary arrangements to accommodate the delay.

Our next update will be at 0500 UTC time, which is 13:00 Malaysia time or 08:00 Saudi time. We are working closely with your travel agency to minimize any inconveniences and updates will be communicated through the travel agencies

We deeply regret the inconvenience of this situation on your travel plans.

Any passengers who are not getting adequate communication from their travel agency are requested to contact us (as a group if possible) by writing to Please tell us where you are and how to communicate.


MEGA Maldives Airlines

Advisory Notice: Galaxy Note 7